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Mind Street Is On Quantize Rec

Up next on Quantize, Mind Street deliver a slice of infectious summer house, ??More & More??. 

Mind Street comprise of 3 French musician/songwriters/producers who are inspired by the spirit of Funk and Soul music and channel their creativity into lush House music productions. For their Quantize debut, the trio combine live instrumentation with quantized drums and a deeply soulful vocal, filtered, funky house and laced with groove a sure-fired summer hit. 

On remix duties Shane D provides a sharper club-focused mix whilst N'??Dinga Gaba Getaway mix takes ?More & More?? to chunky, metallic territories. Groove Assassin??s Deep Down mixes capture a more underground a esthetic with smokey vibes and mood soaked melodies. Music Note deliver an up-tempo mix and rounding off the package the Sunset Chillout mix does as the name suggests, chill things out with slo-mo beats and soulful sax.
More & More

DJ Booker T : nice mixes feeling all of them will support
Hector Romero: N'Dinga takes me away - nice one!
Mr.V: The whole release is dope, with a hot set of mixes
ATFC : nice thanks
Gianni Junior : Real nice,full support!
Groove Assassin : Slammin package :)
Dj Damond Ramsey: Laidback soulful and sweet. This will fit perfectly in my set.
Candice McKenzie: Really love the old skool feel on the Groove Assassin Remixes. Many thanks for sending me the package, Dice x
Hippie Torrales: Nice tune & mixes. Shane D brings it nice energy for the dancefloor.
Danny Clark: Both Of Nicks mixes will get plenty of plays from me :)
Louis Benedetti: Great Package!!! Full support!!!! Thanks!!
Sy Sez: Funky vibes, feelin this , just in time for the sunshine !! love this full support
Mark Mendoza: More & More hits from Quantize!
Paul Trouble Anderson: Kool
DJ Biskit: Like the Groove Assassin and N'Dinga Mixes.
DjPope: GA mix works for me
Dj Greg: Great Work
Jerome Hicks: sweet package of mixes
DJ Sir Charles Dixon: great music will support!!!!!
LUIS RADIO: wicked package!!! support
DNH: Groove Assassin mix does it for me
DJ Rob Tarter: Right now I'm feelin' the Shane D mix!
Dj Chocolate Brown from RiskSoundSystem: Nice package! N'Dinga Gaba's remix is ace!!
Master Kev: Sickness from N'Dinga Gaba! Also feeling Groove Assasin Deep Down mix as well.
Craig Stewart : Another very tasty package for the floor, SD as always nails it, so does GA - terrific stuff
Paso Doble: Amazing Release Again From Quantize !! Shane D Remix Summer Taste Love It !
Just Mo: Love the N'Dinga remix!!! Hot release over all.
Richard Earnshaw: Top bunch of mixes
craig bartlett: yet more music for me to support - love it
Mario Chrisostomou: Spen can do no wrong on Quantize! Awesome cut from Mind Street! Too many good mixes to choose from here.


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